Interior Accents

Reclaimed wood mantles. Exposed beams. Columns. There’s no doubt that wood accents add richness, warmth and a personal touch to your home’s interior.

But will these accents add to the structural integrity of the home, or will they cause you a headache months or years down the road?

Working with wood for over 30 years has taught me a thing or two. Sure, I get excited about the beauty of a project — I absolutely love adding curves, domes, any extra flourishes I can — but my focus is always to build something that lasts.

I want my work to add to the value of your home. I want to make a house yours — your style, your vision, your masterpiece.

Accents help with that.

Most Recent Project

This is a home in Mt. Laurel. The homeowners wanted to use reclaimed wood accents throughout the house. We chose to use the colorful planks and large beams in the kitchen, living room, and main-level bathroom.

Don’t hire just anyone.

Hire me.

Because I’m —

Look, I get it. Sometimes you don’t always know what you want. What you do know is that you don’t want to overspend and you don’t want to be stressed about the project. Done and done. I’m here to respond to your questions, guide your vision, diagnose any issues, and do good work.

With over three decades of framing and building experience, I understand the planning, the expectations and the emotions that come with home building projects. Which is why my approach is more collaborative. We’ll review all your sketches and magazine clippings, discuss your lifestyle and needs, I’ll answer your questions, offer my professional opinion — with respect to your budget — and then build what you need.

  On Schedule
I show up on time every day, work hard, and finish the porch on schedule. My crew is efficient, diligent, and timely.

  Budget Conscious
If you’ve saved up, great. If you didn’t quite expect to make this a big purchase for the year, that’s completely okay. We can work together to build something that will last you for a very long time — no matter if the budget is big or small.

We clean up after ourselves and leave your house in order. It’s our goal to be as low impact as possible, and to deliver you a quality product as quickly as possible so that we’re out of your way.

  Detail Oriented
I care about the small things because I know the small things matter. They matter to anyone concerned with delivering quality workmanship. Which I am. I care about my craft very much.

I know which issues are often overlooked. I know how to diagnose problems and quickly solve unforeseen circumstances as they arise. And I know how to pivot and compromise when life gets in the way of your perfect planning.

I couldn’t do those things without tons of experience. Of course, pride in my work and obsessive focus help too.

Is your place a house or a home?

Make it more you.

Let’s Talk

My name’s Tommy and you can reach me at (205) 965-1117.

That’s my direct line.

You can call me anytime before 9pm. I’m usually up before the sun.